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This Trumpet Course teaches you everything that you need to know to get from beginner to advanced on the Trumpet. I have included all of my knowledge, from 12+ years of playing, on how to learn the trumpet in the course to make it the most helpful it can be. Recommended price is $10-20, but feel free to pay what you think the course is worth to you.


9 reviews for Course

  1. Isaiah Simon

    I improved my skills so much using this course!

  2. Hannah

    I have been wanted to get better at the trumpet thanks for having this site

  3. Hannah

    I want to get better at the trumpet tha is for having this site to help is get better


    good fundamentals

  5. John Genasci (verified owner)

    why do i need to give you all this personnel information?

    • aimsquad (verified owner)

      That is just how you sign up for the course through the website, and program used for the course. Your information won’t be used for anything

  6. Maurizio Garaci (verified owner)


  7. Gonzalo Villanueva (verified owner)

    I already got the course but can’t open it
    Dont know what to do

    • aimsquad (verified owner)

      Hi Gonzalo, you should have been sent an email after purchasing the course with a username and password that lets you sign in on the course page. If you no longer have this email, you can push the “forgot password” button and you should be able to reset it. If this doesn’t work, purchase the course again (for $0) and you will receive a new email.

  8. Jane Lin


  9. Dominic Tejera (verified owner)

    I accidentaly did not add a price? Is it free?

    • aimsquad (verified owner)

      It is “pay what you can”, so you pay what you think the course is worth to you

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